Thursday, March 29, 2012

100 year cold

I've had a bunch of blog topics in my head and I so want to write them but alas my mind is clouded by snot.  So here's some random stuff in bullet points:

  • Thank God for popsicles, jello and zofran...  S and I survived food poisoning last week.  I've never been so violently ill in all my life...  after 12 hours of not being able to hold anything down 1 dose of zofran allowed me to resume drinking liquid but it was 3 more days before my stomach finally stopped spasming.
  • My stomach got better just in time for me to get the cold of the century...  The last time I coughed this hard was when I had whooping cough.  Of course the cough from the whooping cough was worse than this cough but I wasn't pregnant then so I didn't have to deal with incontinence with the coughing and my nose didn't look like Rudolph's.
  • E was honored at a dinner last Thursday where he was presented with a new piece of crystal in honor of his latest US patent.  Thankfully I was able to eat that night and nobody seemed to know how sick I had been...  I guess the real thanks goes to my awesome hairstylist and some good makeup.
  • My progesterone fell into zone 1 despite supplementation.  We're assuming that it had to due with the lack of being able to take the progesterone for a few days last week.  Hopefully it will be back to zone 2 in two weeks.
  • The last night of my Great Adventure Bible Study was last night and once again I couldn't make it.  Maybe someday I can do it again and make it to the nights I missed this time around.  I swear it became kind of a joke that Wednesdays might be cursed since each Tuesday it seemed like I was going to be able to make it that week until Wednesday morning when I woke up with a neck that spasmed out so bad my LMP and DC couldn't even help, had the food poisoning, the 100 year cold got worse, etc...  seriously a joke right?
  • Through the Blogger Biographies, I had a weird experience.  A blogger that I didn't know existed is 2 degrees of separation from me through so many people it's kind of scary.  Reading through her blog I knew so many different people that she mentioned in her posts that it was unreal.  I have some real discernment as to whether I should reveal myself or not.  Basically a lot of the people that she mentions are from my past.  I'm not sure if this is God leading me to her blog to help me heal or the other side throwing the past in my face to hurt me.
  • Despite my whining this really is a special time.  S is at such a fun stage.  She has such an imagination and is able to communicate enough to let us into her world.  She's also become a lot more loving even saying "I love you" once...  talk about my heart leaving my body.
  • I also get to laugh at myself daily since S has my temper and it's just funny to see it come out in her.  I wonder how the teenage years will go with both of us being so bull headed.
That's all I can think of for now.  I pray that each of you has a very blessed ending to Lent.