Monday, July 18, 2011

The C-Section as Birth Control

I've tried to articulate this before but MAMA BIRTH has explained it so well that I'll let her words do the talking.  This is such an important pro-life issue.

Friday, July 1, 2011


I wondered how I'd feel when CD1 finally came around.  Overall I'm relieved.  I had started to worry that AF was never coming back.  I had done some research and supposedly the average return of cycles when breastfeeding is 14 months...  But I've just been pumping since S stopped nursing at 6 months and most of the people that I know who are truly exclusively breastfeeding have gotten their cycles back long before 1 year.

I still can't believe that prior to yesterday my LMP was 7/21/09!  For someone who had heavy, painful periods every 21-32 days for 27 years straight it was pretty weird to go 23 months and 9 days between cycles.

I'm tired today but not in pain...  What a blessing!  I'm still not used to this painless period thing since this is only my 3rd period since surgery.  It's so weird.  It's funny as I keep realizing that I'm super tense and relaxing to find no pain.  I think I'm just so used to period pain that I tense up without thinking about it and then I have to seriously remind myself that I'm healthier now.  There is a feeling of fullness and some twinges of something going on but still NO PAIN!  Unfortunately I am not pain free...  I just don't have period related pain...  But I'll take it!

There is so much else to say but I have to get ready for a trip to the coast tomorrow.  This will be S's first trip to the coast.  I'm really looking forward to being down there but prepping for the trip I could do without.

I pray each and everyone of you has a very blessed 4th of July!

P.S.  Happy Canada Day JB!