Saturday, June 9, 2012

Well crud... Prayer request

Polyhydramnios is not what you want to see on an ultrasound report and transverse oblique is something that you don't want to see past about 26 weeks of pregnancy.  Actually this baby seems to have come up with every malposition all at once.  Sunny side up, head to the upper left and bum in my right hip.  This kid may well be the most stubborn one of us yet.  I still have a few weeks for this baby to turn before it becomes truly worrisome but of course with the high fluid levels, the baby might not have much incentive to turn.  I'm praying that the fluid levels are the same or preferably less in two weeks and that the baby's position is better.

I feel silly for even being stressed about my situation when friends of mine are dealing with much bigger crises. One of the children from my parenting group is recovering from major heart surgery where he almost didn't make it.  Another child from the same group is going through chemo.  And one of the moms from the same group is about to go through chemo.  So thank you Lord for my worst problems being polyhydramnios, a malpositioned baby and a serious lack of energy.

Please pray for good results in two weeks and please pray for the families in my parenting group.

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